About Light Radio


Back in the day, Light Radio listeners tuned in because we play all-time classics, mostly popular 80’s music. Avid listeners would call and make requests to play their favorite sound. We also conducted polls about fun and serious topics to get our audience involved. Contests were conducted to reward our loyal fans for their support.

However, with the changing landscape our company’s vision has changed and we are trying our best to evolve with the times. Our management is happy to report that Light Radio will be broadcasting up-to-date news information on both our station and website. The focus would be on current events and entertainment with the right programs to showcase all of it.

Mixed in with our programs would be our own version of a market on the airwaves where customers can listen and call to make a purchase. A wide selection of items is available. We are aiming to serve our audience better and provide even more value when they tune in to us.

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