Earn Extra Income With The Tone Excel Program

Have you ever taken time to think how your mobile handsets can work for you? The truth is that it is now possible with the Tone Excel Program. Having partnered with Tune Talk in 2012, the company has been offering its networks with financial freedom via its own mobile phones.

The program by Tone Excel is available to all prepaid sim users seeking to expand their source of side income. Once you have purchased the sim card Tone Excel, you just have to register it with Tone Excel for you to activate your account. Although the Tone Excel sim is only for RM90, its benefit are limitless. Immediately your account is activated, users can top up their sim cards and also get to invite more and more people to join in the program, which is going to contribute to your sim card top up.

This Tone Excel business is a kind of program that is ran on the basis of a commission. This is actually how the average prepaid sim card user can start getting some income. Even with the least top up of RM20, the registered user still stands a chance of earning a certain commission which is directly credited into the bank account. This is an easy way of making extra money. You will be asked for your bank account details during the registration process so it is important for you to give the correct bank details and information to avert any kind of problems in your first payout.

In addition to the regular commissions given for every RM20 top up, Tone Excel members can receive a fast track bonus by just earning referral points. To accomplish this, an individual will have to invite as many people as he can into the Tone Excel Program. This is a win-win concept since you get to introduce your family members, friends and colleagues into a program that guarantee’s them some extra income. At the same time, you receive a bonus for assisting them. With a staggering two million mobile users present in Malaysia, achieving a certain referral target appears very easy.

How Can I Join This Program?

It is unarguably true that the Tone Excel program is an effective yet enticing way of earning money. This means that many people will gladly join it. However, the most important aspect is making sure that all the interested mobile users join this program through you.

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