Job Outlook: Master Of Business Administration

Graduate school is different that undergraduate programs. As an undergraduate, you have the opportunity to take a couple of years to pick a major, and you have the opportunity to play around with different job paths. However, the process of selecting a career moves a little quick for a Master in Business Administration student.

It is not necessary for you to have your target job solidified as soon as you enter the program. However, you should have a couple of career paths chosen in your mind to pursue. This will ensure that you are prepared to get the most out of your coursework. Also, you will be more prepared when it comes to recruitment opportunities and networking.

The following jobs are great choices for MBA students to consider pursuing.

Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analysts use the science of statistics to troubleshoot identified issues. These problems typically have something to do with sales, production, and logistics. In this field, it is absolutely possible to land a position that is entry-level with only a bachelor’s degree.

However, operations research analysts that work at a higher level typically have a MBA. A concentration in operations management and production is helpful.

IT Manager

IT Managers lead the information technology departments for the company that they are employed by. However, their job expectations reach far past the computer. Their other duties include supervising employees, planning various technological upgrades, and talking back and forth with executives internally and vendors externally.

Management Analyst

A management analyst provides feedback to an organization. This feedback contains details on how the organization can improve their profitability and efficiency. In order to be competitive in this field, you should have some operations experience, preferably a few years, a Certified Management Consultant credential, and a MBA with a concentration in management.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst assists companies with determining the perfect time to sell and buy investments. There are various types of organizations that a financial analyst can be employed at. All of these places of employment have a different workplace environment, company culture, salary trajectory, and work-life balance.

HR Specialist

HR Specialists work in a company’s human resource department. There will always be a need for this position. They work with the company’s employees. Their duties include anything from training new employees, recruiting new employees, and explaining various benefits to new employees.

It is not necessary for HR specialists to have a MBA. However, the degree will definitely make you stand out from your peers, thus making you more competitive. It is wise to take advantage of lessons in business that you take during your coursework, because these courses teach fundamentals that will be applied on the job. Course topics such as talent development, organizational behavior, and leadership development are all great courses to take to assist you once you enter the workforce.

Regardless of what career path you decide to pursue, it is important to take advantage of any networking opportunities that may come your way. In addition, to your degree, networking connects will help you land the job of your dreams.

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